Our World Is Important

From curating responsibly sourced supplies, to recycling manufacturing waste, to using materials and services that keep our products out of landfills- we believe no measure is too small when it comes to protecting our planet.

  • Every Linen book is manufactured with linens created from recycled fibers. Once spun and woven, they are hand-dyed in the USA to match our color specifications. This process requires less energy and allows us to use fibers from a wide range of sources. This cover material is sourced from eco award winning suppliers that are just as dedicated to sustainability as we are. 
  • Each Leather book is sourced from humanely raised cattle that is not bred for product or consumption. Our leather is supplied from farmers around the world that allow their cattle to graze freely in pastures and live their full, natural lives. This makes our leathers a byproduct of local farming, not the main product. No plastics or harsh chemicals are used in this cover material. Lastly, our leather suppliers recycle or repurpose all remaining leather scraps. 
  • Our glues are manufactured to food-grade levels of safety. We use biodegradable glues and glues that have the lowest possible fume toxicity rating possible. 
  • Paper is a big part of the book making process. To use only what we need, we source custom sized paper that fits the exact specifications that we need for book making. This eliminates as much paper waste as possible. What little paper waste remains is recycled every week. Fujifilm, the only brand of paper we use, is dedicated to sustainability. You can read more about their Sustainable Value Plan by clicking here. 
  • The boxes we ship in are recyclable and made from recycled cardboard. 
  • Trees are planted by our supplier for each packaging order we place.
  • Less than 5% of all of our packaging is plastic. Because of that, all of our packaging is recyclable. The thin layer of plastic on our packaging meets paper recycling standards due to the type of plastic that it is and how little is used. 
  • When debossing albums and boxes we must order a magnesium metal plate for each debossing stamp. If these stamps are ever to be used again, we store them in our lab and bring them out whenever they are needed. If these stamps cannot or will not be used again, they are melted down and recycled to be used again. 
  • Because of how important the responsible treatment of our waste is, we selected the local waste disposal company practicing and offering the most recycling options. 
  • The suppliers we work with are committed to fair wage, ethical working conditions, and equal opportunities for their employees and partners.

Lastly, we build a product that lasts a lifetime. We believe that making high quality products helps keep thousands of pounds of broken, damaged, or unwanted products out of landfills. Whenever possible, we repair damaged goods. When needed, we recycle them.