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Invest in a Kiss sample album and learn how to serve your clients better with our album sales masterclass.


Why Do I Need A Sample Album?

By presenting a physical album, you’re allowing potential clients to envision their own story within its pages, making it an indispensable tool for increasing engagement, elevating your brand’s perceived value, and ultimately, closing more sales. A well-crafted sample album invites touch, encourages connection, and often becomes the deciding factor in a client’s journey from consideration to booking.

Album Sales
Master Class

Tailored specifically for photographers looking to elevate their business. This comprehensive series is your all-access pass to unlocking the full potential of your Kiss sample album, giving you the strategies and insights needed to turn pages into profits.

What Will I Learn?

Curate Sample Albums

Select the perfect sample albums that resonate with clients across various budget ranges.

Re-engage and Sell

Master the art of reconnecting with past clients and selling albums as keepsakes and heirlooms.

Showcase with Impact

Discover innovative ways to display and market your albums to captivate attention.

Design Decisions

Weigh the benefits of pre-designing albums versus a more tailored approach to suit each client’s unique story.

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Module 1

Recommended Samples at Differing Budgets

  • RIdentify the right sample albums for varying client budgets.
  • RMaximize ROI with strategic sample selections.
  • RUnderstand the value behind each price point.

Module 2

Showing off Your Sample & Marketing

  • RCreative ways to showcase your sample albums.
  • RMarketing tips to make your albums stand out.
  • RLeveraging social media for album promotion.

Module 3

How to Sell to Past Clients

  • RStrategies for re-engaging past clients.
  • RCreating offers that resonate with previous customers.
  • RUtilizing nostalgia to boost sales.

Module 4

To Pre-Design or Not to Design

  • RPros and cons of pre-designing album layouts.
  • RCustomization vs. convenience: finding what works for you.
  • RUnderstand the value behind each price point.

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