Cover your albums in shades of woven linen, timeless silk, or tanned and distressed leather.


Your album is going to be simply beautiful.

Cover Types


We use 100% natural, Italian leathers selected for their texture, strength, and durability. The distressed leathers enchant with their rugged beauty, while our colored leathers are supple and luxurious.


The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of the albums. These linen albums dazzle with their many colors, while the Japanese silk offers an air of sophistication.

Album Sizes

Since our albums are square, your design will fit any album size we offer. One design, any size!

4: Perfectly petite. Great for surprise gifts, parents and purses.

8: Most popular book for parent albums and senior portraits.

10: Perfect for all occasions. And just the right size, too.

12: For maximum impact. Feature your photography spectacularly.

Little Kisses

Bring your story everywhere. Perfectly fitted for your bag.

The 4″x4″ size is exclusive to Kiss.
You won’t find anything more perfect than this.

Paper Options

Luster paper will show off your work with deep, crisp colors while deep matte paper will give a velvety and classic feel.

   Deep Matte

  • Smooth finish with no gloss
  • Delicate saturation
  • Low acutance
  • Reduced contrast
  • Soft perceived sharpness


  • Slight gloss
  • Deep saturation
  • Sharp acutance
  • High contrast
  • Strong perceived sharpness


Seamless printing and layflat binding.
Our albums are crafted to show your
work at it’s best.

Inside Cover

Start your album off your choice
of a black or white Inside Cover.


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Page Types

Whether you need the minimal styling of a thin page or the bold impact of a thick page, you can be certain your work will withstand the test of time and be seen for generations.


Thin pages are adhered back to back, but still have a rather stiff quality.


Thick pages have a 1mm substrate in between each spread so they won’t bend.

Personalization Options

Personalize your albums with custom cover options.


Add your clients favorite photo to the cover of their album. With square windows to compliment your album size and inlaid photos for a hand-crafted feel.


Etch your client’s names, date, or any text you’d like with engraving. Choose from our fonts, select your size, and place it on the cover wherever you’d like! Engraving is perfect for every linen and leather album.

Click here for more engraving information.

The Kiss Designer

We make designing easy. Bring your albums to life with one simple tool— the Kiss Designer

With our free app, you can design an album, share it as a beautiful slideshow, communicate directly with your clients, and place an order right in your browser!


Design an album in minutes and make time for, well, anything else.


Easily send clients proofs, and share slideshows on social media.



Your client clicks approve and you click order. Yep, it’s that simple.



Our reputation is based on your reputation.


the Designer

Simple design speaks.

Our free design software uses templates for perfect design every time.

view a Designer Demo

Guided tour of the Kiss Designer and Proofing System.

In-House Designer

Let us save you some time. Starting at just $49, our design team will work with you or directly with your client to get the perfect design that tells a special story.

Photos by the Grovers


Let your clients get their hands on your work. Studio Sample Albums are always 25% off.

Studio Samples are built exactly like our client albums. They feature a small “Sample” logo on the back.

Cover Colors

Natural Leather


We use 100% natural, Italian leathers selected for their texture, strength, and durability. The distressed leathers enchant with their rugged beauty, while our colored leathers are supple and luxurious.

the colors

Distressed Leather


Aged leathers with unique distressing. Distressed leathers are selected for their soft textures and one of a kind markings that make every album unique from the rest.

the colors

Shauna and Jordon Cameo

Suede Leather


Suede leather that you just can’t help but brush your hand over. Soft, velvety texture, durable, and our favorite cover to personalize with debossing.

the colors

Shauna and Jordon Cameo

Select Linen

Natural luxury

100% recycled threads make up our line of linen album covers. All of these timeless textures and colors means you’re sure to find a color to fit every style.

the colors

Shauna and Jordon Cameo

Fine Linen


For those that prefer a natural look. Fine linen is selected for its prominent weave texture, timeless colors, and sustainability.

the colors

Gold Foil Debossing on Silk Album

Natural Silk


We offer 100% natural silk cover options that hand picked for their soft, smooth texture. We offer mutes tones in gray, navy, tan, and more.

the colors

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is 20 business days. We will always ship as soon as we can!

Where are your albums made?

Every single album is hand-crafted in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Kiss Books Lab.

What do you mean by hand-crafted?

To us, hand-crafted is more than just the way we make our products. Yes, we assemble each and every album by hand in the USA, but this also means taking pride in the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into creating these albums.

Return Policy

Because these are all custom products we do not accept returns. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us before placing your order.


Kiss warranties our album for life against any manufacturer defect. We will work with you to replace or repair an album if any issues should arise. Please notify us within 48 hours if your order arrives damaged. Kiss is not responsible for any mishandling of the album. Click here to read more.

Do you offer duplicate or bulk discounts?

Yes! We offer 10% off on duplicate album copies. Click here to read more.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We will ship anywhere you need us to. We use USPS (recommended) and FedEx for internationally shipping and we keep up with all international shipping policies to ensure you receive the lowest cost possible.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of spreads I can purchase in a single album?

Minimum- 10 spreads. Maximum- 40 spreads.

What brand of paper do you print on?

We print exclusively on Fuji Crystal Archival deep matte and luster paper.

What printing method does Kiss use?

We print using photographic print methods. This means you will always get the greatest quality, color, and clarity possible when printing with Kiss.

Is there a split in the middle of your spreads?

Absolutely not. We print across the center of the spread. Kiss has perfected the industry-leading microfold for the most minimal wear possible.

Are your albums layflat?

Yes, our albums are designed to lay completely flat so you can see your work in full-view.

What sizes are thick and thin pages?

Thin pages have a low profile and are constructed by adhering two spreads back to back. Thick pages have a 1mm substrate between each set of spreads to give a sturdy quality to each page.

Will you drop ship my album to my customer?

Yes, and it’s so easy! Just enter your client’s name and address at checkout and we’ll do the rest! We never ship with pricing or an invoice so you’re always ready to drop ship. We can even wrap your albums in gift wrap for you so they arrive looking even more special. Check out Boutique Packaging for more information.

Do you offer a rush option?

Yes, we can rush your entire order so it leaves our lab within 7 business days from the time of upgrade. Priced per book. Click here to read more.

How do I add engraving and debossing to my album?

Open your design in the Kiss Designer and you will land on the cover page. From there, look the left side of the page and select engraving or debossing. Next, select your font and other options that are available with that cover text option. Lastly, write one or two lines of text and you’re all set! Click here for more debossing information. Click here for more engraving information.