Sharpen Up Your Wedding Photography Workflow

Lauren Lim is your new best friend. If, that is, a best friend is somebody who makes your life about seventeen times easier, lowers your state of mental derangement to an almost normal level, and enables you to actually take a load off, put your feet up for a few and rock your job like a boss.

Lauren–your new best friend–has assembled [this] 50-step wedding photography workflow, taking you from the pre-booking phase to all of the post-wedding tidying up. By Lauren’s own pronouncement, the workflow is “pretty insanely detailed,” but she gives you permission to take it with a grain of salt. However, you may not want to! This thing is like gold, precious gems, caviar, and chocolate all baked into a fluffy soufflé. We didn’t think that image through before writing it, but we suspect you still got the point. This tool will revolutionize the way you approach wedding photography.

instrument into sections as follows: (1) Pre-Booking, (2) Initial Consultation Meeting, (3) Booking, (4) Engagement Session, and (5) Wedding – a section that includes all of the post-wedding finish work. Each of these sections contains anywhere from two to 21 distinct steps for you to follow, in moving through all the varied tasks you will need to have completed before you can hand over the wedding album, deposit the check, and wash your hands of the whole affair. If you’ve already got such a structured wedding photography workflow in place, you still might want to study this one carefully and see if yours could stand some adjustment. This sucker really is a finely-machined tool. And if you’re accustomed to flying by the seat of your pants, doing things as it occurs to you to do them or as they seem to need doing, then, well, you need to cut that nonsense out about ten minutes ago and adopt this workflow as your own…until death do you part.

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