Which Album Style is Right for Your Business?

Whether you are offering albums for the first time or just new to offering Kiss Albums to your clients, we know changing things up in your business can be overwhelming! Maybe you are confused about where to start, or you want to understand how our products differ from each other. Because we offer luxury albums, we have also heard that some photographers are worried about their pricing or the products they are currently offering. Kiss wants to help ease some common fears with helpful info to get you started. All you need to know is you are in the right place! We love coming alongside photographers and helping them grow their business in intentional ways.  That just leaves one question left to answer…


Which album style is right for your wedding photography studio?


Truthfully,  we really want to answer this question by saying, “Both!” but that would make for a rather dull read. Since boring isn’t our style, we’re going to break it down a bit for you so you can decide for yourself. The truth is, both of these offerings are special, and the options for incorporating each style into your business are endless! 


Why Your Client Needs an Heirloom Album.


As you are speaking with clients about albums, it’s always a good idea to remind them why they need an album. Time has taught us that technology becomes obsolete. A tangible product is the only thing that lasts after the moment is gone – and when you are talking about preserving family legacies, the quality of the products matter. That’s where Kiss comes in! We pride ourselves on providing your clients with handcrafted albums that will stand up to years of viewing AND Kiss guarantees for life! But how do you choose what to offer your clients?



 Choosing the Right Album for Your Wedding Photography Studio,


The truth is you really do need both! We designed each of our signature offerings to meet client needs for different situations. But if you need to narrow it down to one style, for now, let’s start by asking a few key questions about your business! 


Who do you serve?

If you are a studio that focuses on sessions that serve a particular client, let’s dig a little deeper into who you serve.

Wedding Studios, Boudoir Studios, Family Photographers, and Newborn Photographers all love serving their clients with Heirloom Albums. These beautiful pieces of artwork are available in both Linen and Fine Leather covers. The feel of the paper is luxurious, and the covers are hand-stretched, giving them a custom look. So named for their purpose, Heirloom Albums preserve unforgettable moments. You know, those moments that you want to live on forever.  Customizing an Heirloom album to reflect your client’s design aesthetic is easy! Choose from cameo openings and your choice of Engraving or Debossing to create a one-of-a-kind cover for each client. 


The Heirloom Album is the perfect addition to any studio wishing to make an impression of quality and service. They come in 4 sizes, each one a square, so your design will always fit any size you choose! Starting at 4” (we call these Little Kisses!) and going up to a 12×12, which makes a maximum impact when you are going for a luxury feel! There is a size for every client’s needs. 


Our Little Kisses albums, exclusive to Kiss Books, make excellent albums for offering volumes to your repeat clients, such as Grow With Me baby packages or families who invest in sessions a few times a year. They are also the perfect size to tuck into a purse, so you have your memories always close at hand! Larger Heirloom albums are popular with Newborn Photographers, High School Senior Photographers, and of course, Wedding Photographers. If you specialize in preserving once-in-a-lifetime moments, then the Heirloom Album is for you! 


Do you want to reframe your business as a High-End Studio? 

Offering Albums is one of the most overlooked methods to serving a high-end clientele. So often, photographers focus on raising their prices, but what attracts those dream clients is increasing your service to them! 


If you are stepping into the waters of working with a higher-end client, choosing to offer Press Printed Books is an excellent way to build your client experience while serving the clients with a budget-friendly solution!


Press Printed Books use our same natural linen covers (sustainably woven and dyed here in the USA!) as our Heirloom Albums. Hence, as your business grows, so does your opportunity to offer future albums that will match the books you have already served your clients with! 

Customizing your cover of a Press Printed Books allows for cameo openings and beautifully engraved custom messages. 


Some of the popular ways Press Printed Books are added to a studio’s offerings are through Album Volumes, Wedding Guest Books, Boudoir Sessions, and Family Sessions. One of our favorite ways we’ve seen these used are by family photographers who offer a book for each child in the family. What a beautiful way to build your client’s family legacy than to provide each child with an annual book chronicling their growth and changes! 


The Power of Client Education


The most powerful tool in serving your clients is education. If you value albums and want each client to have a tangible memory to hold onto as their lives change and grow, it’s essential to speak about it often. As photographers, you have the power to educate your clients on the importance of preserving their memories. We’d encourage you to invest in some sample albums in each design so that you have something your clients can experience first hand before ordering. If your clients are coming to you wanting to purchase prints, look at what you are showing on social media and your website. Does your feed show how excited you are about having every client with an album in their home? Make sure you offer the products that you believe in! This gives your client the language to speak about the legacy you are capturing for them. You aren’t just serving them with a printed product. You are teaching them the importance of preserving the moment. And when you have clients who are as passionate about albums as you are, you know you have people out there spreading the word on how vital these Heirlooms really are! 


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