Wedding Season Is Coming

WINTER Wedding Season Is Coming

Okay, listen up. Challenge Question for the wedding photographers: Have you ever wondered what the result would be if you took (1) The Stepford Wives, (2) a horror movie about a small town threatened by a deadly epidemic, or perhaps a zombiepocalypse, and (3) a delightful romantic comedy… dropped ‘em into a blender… and punched the “puree” button?
Oh, come on. Stop it. Yes, you have. You’re only making this more awkward by denying it.
Well, the result would be this strange, very funny, and also strange little video from BuzzFeed. “Wedding Season Is Coming.”

As a wedding photographer, your business ebbs and flows seasonally. The two-minute video you’re about to click through to, offers a somewhat darker perspective on that time of year that (for many people) represents everything that is sweet, lovely, and civilized, and (for you) keeps your checking account from being closed down by the bank: the wedding season. And maybe that’s all you need to know. You may now shudder in fear: “Wedding Season Is Coming.”
wedding season wedding season



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