Photo Editing Workflow: A Useful Template

From the helpful folks at BP4U, here’s an equally helpful piece on photo editing workflow.

photo editing workflowMelissa Rosic has developed an editing workflow that works for her, and she’d like to share it with you. By way of introduction, we can do no better than quote Melissa: “I am going to tell you about all of the details from the last snap of my camera, to the thank you email, following the album submittal to my client, and everything in between.”

Sounds good!  Let’s get started.

Obviously, shooting the sesh will be step one. You can try doing the rest of the steps without having covered this one, but we feel—and Melissa would almost certainly agree—the time would not be well spent.

The first actual stage in Melissa’s photo editing workflow involves saving all of her files to her hard drive, in folders identified by the client’s last name and the session date. She then creates subfolders in which to organize raw images, watermarked / blog images, and the final edits.

photo editing workflowLightroom is next. Here she culls and deletes the dogs, and edits a few standout images that can be featured on her social media.

Next comes the actual editing. First step: the creation of collections in Lightroom featuring similar parts of the photo session. This helps maintain coherence later on.

photo editing workflowShe then goes into an excursus on her fetish for backlighting, and the use of presets and hand-editing. This is the most personal part of the process, the sort of thing for which you’ll no doubt have your own approach.

The final steps come in quick succession. She exports the images from Lightroom into a final edit folder hosted on her external drive. Following some twiddling, she then uploads them to Pixieset, together with a print release, and zoom! Off goes an album to the client. This she follows with a thank-you email. (She takes some pains to show what such an email might look like.) Finally, she uploads images to Blog Stomp, where she’s able to create additional watermarked files for sharing on social media, and a few collage arrangements to be blogged.

photo editing workflowOf course, everyone’s photo editing workflow is going to be different, but if you’ve been having trouble settling on a process that works for you, try Melissa’s out for size, and tweak it as you go.

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