Children in Weddings: Blessing or Time Bomb?

It’s a hotly-debated topic: what place is there for wee ones in a wedding?

Sure, they’re cute; they provide that extra measure of “aww” in an already aww-intensive setting. The flip side is that they also provide an exciting note of unpredictability. What if the ring-bearer hauls off down the aisle screaming for Mom?  What if a flower girl starts eating the flowers? You just can’t know in advance, can you. That’s part of the fun. What in the world are these adorable little packets of unpredictability gonna do when the chips are down and the vows are in the air? Are children in weddings an added blessing or an accident waiting to happen?

children in weddingsTake, for instance, the little girl who, after repeated pleadings from Mom and Dad to smile, finally does so, right in time for the portrait—while lifting her dress.

Or the attention-span-challenged youth who, on hearing a mention of children during the homily, leaps into the middle of the action as if by means of illustration.

children in weddings

And of course, many examples of children going on a rampage of one sort of another while processing down the aisle: either falling out of sorts, or falling out of their shorts, or falling to the temptation to hurl the flowers out of harm’s way.

children in weddings

[So, here] [and here] [and, yes, here]… are three side-splitting glimpses into the contributions of children in weddings: three marvelous compilations of photos and video clips featuring weeny little kids doing what weeny little kids do best—viz., being weeny little kids—but doing it in the middle of a wedding. You may have seen some of this material before, or you may have attended a wedding (or shot one) at which some minor disaster involving minors went down. The thing is that, for better or worse, the minor mishaps may be the one thing about the wedding that really clings to everyone’s memory when all else begins to slip into the sands of time and the echoing expanse of eternity.

children in weddings

children in weddingsWhat this means is that, should a happy couple choose to incorporate the younger generation into their wedding, they need to be prepared for the likelihood that the little dears may just end up being the stars of the show… and in much the same way that Ted Nugent tends to be the star of his.

And maybe that’s okay.

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