Leeann Marie’s Secret World of Wedding Photographers

The Secret World of Wedding Photographers

You realize, of course, that wedding photographers form a sort of fraternity and that they all talk to each other? On web-based forums, on Facebook, on each others’ websites. Leeann Golish (of Leeann Marie Photography) wants you—“you” meaning the people who are not photographers—to know what sorts of things wedding photographers talk about when you’re not listening in. Jeepers! Who wouldn’t want to know THAT? You (meaning, “you”) can get the straight skinny right around [here] somewhere.

Photographers eating at weddings

It seems odd, but many couples do not seem to realize that their wedding photographer is a carbon-based life form and will need to eat something. Shooting a wedding represents a long day of work, on foot, moving around. Give the poor shooter a dry crust of bread and a drop of water, or risk being made the subject of some serious online opprobrium.Wedding Photographers

Mass lead emails

Sending an introductory email to every wedding photographer within a 150-mile radius may seem to you to be a mighty clever idea for drumming up the perfect candidate. But they don’t like it. Wait, how do they know you’re doing that? You forget: these people talk to each other! They see you when you’re sleeping, and they know when you’re awake. For goodness sake, limit your lead emails to the handful of wedding shooters whose websites you’ve investigated and who seem like strong candidates.Wedding Photographers

Don’t mess with us, we know what we’re doing

When your wedding photographer has gone to the trouble of posing some of the wedding party, and your Uncle Barney steps in with his helpful input? Please put a muzzle on Uncle Barney. Your photographer knows what s/he is doing. Uncle Barney’s expertise, on the other hand, is largely correlated with his having been at the champagne a few times. Trust us; his name WILL be dragged through some serious mud.Wedding Photographers

The dress, the dress, the dress

Long before your wedding shooter begins taking photos of what is probably going to be the centerpiece of your wedding album, please make sure that the dress is doing what it is supposed to. It fits properly; all the little moving parts are functional; the bride is comfortable in it. It will not be your wedding photographer’s fault if the bride has not fully vetted her own fancy duds.Wedding Photographers

Dynamics of family formal shots

Think about it: these wedding photos may represent the one time when your whole family will be gathered in one place for professional portraits. Take full advantage. Make sure that everyone is represented in the pictures, and that relevant combinations of people are grouped together, and that everyone is getting along. These photos will become family treasures. And a smoothly running family photo shoot will assure nice things said about your family in the photographers’ gossip chain.

Original Article by Leeann Marie appeared [Here]. All photo credits, Leeann Marie.

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