The Educators: 10 Teaching Photographers who Share Tips!

Teaching Photographers – the Top 10 who Teach & Share Tips

The photography industry is being helmed by a new generation of visionary image-makers, teaching photographers eager to pass on their insights and experience. The staff at Rangefinder have assembled a marvelous survey of ten of these shootin’ tutors, encouraging you to take advantage of their tutelage. [Meet them here.]

brooke_shaden Teaching photographers

Brooke Shaden

A preponderance of these teaching photographers, unsurprisingly, are in the wedding world: Amy and Jordan Demos, Samm Blake, Erika and Lanny Mann, and Katelyn James have made weddings their primary focus, while Michelle Gardella and Ben Sasso specialize in weddings and lifestyle. Jacklyn Greenberg occupies an “artistic, eco-friendly destination weddings” niche. The remaining three are Ewan and Briana Phelan (boudoir), Meg Borders (senior and teen portraiture), and Brooke Shaden (striking, surrealistic self-portraiture). Each of these teaching photographers (or in some cases, married teams) is showcased via two or three images and a brief bio, supplemented with some fun facts and personal insights.
The feature is lively and well drawn. Each portrait features just enough content to make you want to do your own investigation into that shooter’s body of work. Read all about them [here]!brooke shaden Teaching photographers



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