Building community and authentic relationships as we build our business.


Kiss is more than just a book company. We are relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of simple. Our deepest desire is to pursue intentional and authentic relationships; in other words, to create community. We find that businesses in community create better business practices.

Our vision is to be a company that positively affects our clients, employees, and business partners. We strive to consistently deliver the highest quality albums and unparalleled service. We aim to make the album process simple, so that our clients spend more time doing what they love.

Join us in our pursuit of simple!

Shaun Gordon
Kiss CEO & Founder

what people are SAYING

Brandon & Kristin Kidd

Kiss’ products and customer service define what we have come to expect in an album company, excellence. They remain true to their core values and are unwilling to compromise on quality or integrity. In a world where businesses focus on increasing their bottom line, Kiss has set themselves apart by focusing on their community of photographers and continually improving their products to better serve them. For the last 10 years, Kiss has been creating beautiful albums for our clients and we are excited to continue our partnership with this amazing company for years to come.

Mike Larson

I’m grateful for the hundreds of Kiss books I’ve ordered over the last decade. Their simplicity and ease of ordering, their innovation and quality through the years has been inspiring, profitable and made my clients very pleased. Out of all the products we order, these books are by far the simplest products to order, period. The owner and the bookmakers are the most talented and kind people we’ve been able to meet. The way they take care of us is incredible and I’m grateful for that.

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Relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of
simple. #pursuesimple