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Travel Styling Mat

Travel Styling Mats are the most portable, travel-friendly styling board out there!
They’re exceptionally lightweight, provide wrinkle-free backgrounds, and roll for easy storage and transportation. Available in all Fine Linen colors.

Perfect detail shots, wherever your shoot takes you.

Travel Friendly

We designed the Travel Styling Mat with your travel in mind.
Lightweight so they’re easy to carry, and rollable to so they’re easy to pack.
They measure 28″x21″ so they’re just the right size for any location.

Each Styling Mats is treated with fabric protecting spray to help keep it looking great!

Travel Case

The durable hard-shell case protects your Styling Mats from damage and the shoulder strap lets you sling it over your back so you have one less thing to worry about while packing, traveling, and shooting.
Travel Cases can hold up to four rolled Styling Mats.great!

Unique Roll-Up Design

We know you have enough bulky gear to carry, so we created the Styling Mat to have the most minimal footprint possible. Roll the Styling Mat to transport and tuck it away when not in use.

Simple Set Up

Each Travel Styling Mat comes with two white, metal rods that ensure your Styling Mat is taunt and wrinkle-free. Set up and take down takes seconds, making it easy to bring them everywhere you travel.

Travel Styling Mat Collection

Your choice of any three Styling Mat colors.
Travel Case is included and can hold up to four Styling Mats.

Travel Styling Mat Colors

Available in Fine Linen
Golden, Admiral, Slate, Plum, Natural, Shoreline, Onyx

Admiral Fine Linen
Golden Fine Linen
Natural Fine Linen
Onyx Fine Linen
Plum Fine Linen
Shoreline Fine Linen
Slate Fine Linen

Silk Styling Ribbons

Hand-dyed Silk Styling Ribbon provides an air of elegance to your lay flat photos. Arrange around flowers, rings, or invitations to bring an extra touch of lovely.

Styling Ribbon is 100% real silk, dyed by hand in small batches, and comes on a wooden spool.

Collection Colors

Cool-Tone Collection

the colors

Light Gray

Soft-Tone Collection

the colors


Frequently Asked


What size are the Styling Mats?

  • 28″x21″

What are Styling Mats used for?

  • Perfect, quick, wrinkle-free backgrounds for flat lay photos anywhere your need! They’re great for rings, flowers, invitations or letters, and other details.

Will Styling Mats look good with film or digital photography?

  • Both! Styling Mats will look great no matter your preferred format. They even look amazing with iPhone cameras.

What colors come in the Styling Mat Collection?

  • Whatever you’d like! You can choose any three colors from our Fine Line collection!

How do Styling Mats differ from styling boards?

  • While styling boards are good, we have found that they can be bulky, heavy, and a hassle to pack. Styling Mats were created to be simple, lightweight, and perfect for travel. They’re built to grab and go while you’re on your shoot, so they’re easy to always have nearby. We think this makes our Styling Mats unique and perfect for every shoot.

Are Styling Mats treated with fabric protecting spray?

  • Yes, all Styling Mats are treated and arrive ready to use. We recommend applying a new coat once a year.

How do I care for my Styling Mat?

  • If needed, spot treat any marks with a cotton cloth. Cleaning products should be used very lightly and carefully. We suggest testing on a corner to be extra careful. A clean, rubber erase can be used on some marks.