Strobes in Daylight – A Love Story

Sunshine and Strobes in Daylight for Outdoor Fashion Photography

Strobes in DaylightHave you considered using strobes in broad daylight? No? Why not?

Here now, this won’t take much of your time. James Schmelzer shares insights in a three-minute video on how to incorporate artificial lighting with natural light on your outdoor fashion shoots. Check out the report [here] by Spence Seastrom, writing for PictureCorrect. Or watch this video.

An inexperienced photographer might understandably assume that there is no reason to use strobes in daylight. But such a newbie will find that there are scenarios that call for supplemental outdoor lighting, even in the middle of the day. Sometimes background needs to be balanced with shadowed portions of your subject. And strobes can serve in a number of other ways to control for ways in which the natural light is just not cutting it. While he’s at it, Schmelzer also tosses in some guidance on how to take advantage of, or successfully navigate, environmental factors that might otherwise compromise the shoot.

Strobes in Daylight   Strobes in Daylight

Some of his bright ideas? Key your exposure from the background, and then worry about lighting levels on your subject.  Note also where the (natural) light is coming from, and position yourself and your subject accordingly. Don’t worry about how your shutter speed will affect the brightness of the strobe; it won’t. Strobe lighting involves a very fast pulse, and can take care of itself, thank you. Finally, be aware of chromatic mismatching between the natural light and your artificial lighting. Strobe lighting may require you to use gels to match color temperatures.

As you add your own experience to that of Mr. Schmelzer, you’ll find that using strobes in daylight is not only perfectly sane and rational, but at times a very good idea.

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