And as a caveat, we should first say that, given the right tools (KISSystem), outsourcing your album design is often unnecessary. Should it become necessary, we offer a pretty handy $50 design service that leads the industry in awesome. The second caveat is the full disclosure that the author of this post is quite cozy with a book company that isn’t KISS. We forgive her. And we think the blog over at ShootDotEdit has some good things to say on the topic, so we’re going to share them and let you make your own decisions on the topic of outsourcing, design, and book companies that are KISS and are not another book company that is not KISS.

Since the invention of photography, the (physical) wedding album has always furnished a center of gravity for the happy couple’s memories of their Special Day—the repository of visual records that bride and groom, friends and family can refer to, years later, in order to relive the magic.

The digital/computer era changes none of this. You call yourself a wedding photographer? You really need to give more attention to the “wedding album” dimension of your business.  And ShootDotEdit has five words of good advice (here, distilled from Melissa Jill’s [Profitable Album Design and Sales Webinar]) to help you get it right.

Photo album inside a wooden box

Photo by Cory + Jackie

Educate Clients

You need to help your clients understand how important a wedding album will be to them. Being millennials, or whatever, they may have their heads full of digital files, and will not have thought through how much the physical book will mean to them in later years.

Show Clients Sample Albums

Have samples for them to look at. These people may have had limited experience with wedding albums, and need to be able to flip through a couple in order to truly absorb the benefits.

Outsource Album Design

Identify a specialty company that you can outsource your photo album design work to. You’ve got enough on your plate already, and there are people out there who already know all about this stuff. Use them.

Pre-Design Albums After the Wedding

Go ahead and pre-design the albums as soon as you’ve compiled the images—making sure, of course, to let your clients know they can make all the changes they want.  But you need to have a template in place or the project will just never get completed.  Seriously.

Up-Selling Mindset

Develop an “up-selling” mindset. Acquainting your clients with the advantages of adding to their wedding photo package is not being “pushy”—it’s good business for you and the opportunity of a lifetime for them. They will want a wedding album, once their eyes have been opened. They will want more spreads than they realized at first. Develop the nerve to discuss options with them.



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