Annamarie Akins

Heirloom album sales are about keeping it simple and exciting.

We got a chance to talk with the wonderful Annamarie Akins about album sales tips, finding inspiration, and accessorizing her album deliveries.

Kiss Books Heirloom Hand-crafted - Annamarie Akins

Kiss Books Heirloom Hand-crafted - Annamarie Akins


Kiss Books Heirloom Hand-crafted - Annamarie Akins
by Annamarie Akins


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 1.What is your album sales process? 
I try to keep my sales process as simple as possible! Most of my brides end up choosing a collection with an album in it because I make that collection the best value!
I really believe in the importance of my brides investing in albums as family heirlooms so I try to make it as easy as possible for brides to decide and see it’s worth it!
Whether a bride purchases an album as part of collection or later à la carte, I have the same process. Brides receive a $1,000 credit with their collection or purchase that credit à la carte. With that they receive a 10 x 10 linen album with 10 spreads. Then I use an amazing template by Davey and Krista of the Palm Shop that lays out the add on options available to them! This includes additional spreads, different sizes, leather instead of linen, and parent albums! If they make any upgrades we add that on à la carte to build them a custom collection! I really love how it allows me to give brides full control in deciding what’s important to them to add on!


Kiss Book - Annamarie Akins


 2. How do you keep inspired? 
I get really inspired in helping and teaching other photographers! Aside from shooting weddings, I also have an education platform with my friend Caroline Logan Photography to teach other photographers to take light and airy photos called The Light & Airy Photog! I love seeing other photographers grow! I also stay inspired through travel! I love seeing new places! Lastly, I stay inspired by shooting photos for my friends…I love the low pressure fun of photographing special moments for dear friends! It’s one of the best parts of being a photographer…getting to share in friends most special moments!
Kiss Books - Annamarie Akins


 3. How do you pursue simple? 
I pursue simple by prioritizing what’s most important to me! No one can do it all…so you have to decide what is most important to you and your company and do those things really well. It also helps to use services to outsource as much as possible! These days you can outsource almost anything for your business…from bookkeeping to editing…there are so many ways to take things off your plate so that you can have time to cast vision and do the things that only you can do for your business!!


 4. There are many book companies – so why pick Kiss? 
I started using Kiss because I loved the simplicity of using the system to order albums…You make it so easy! But I stayed because of the people! I love companies that are full of integrity and strive to create products that leave a lasting legacy and impact. Kiss does such a great job of valuing their customers AND our clients and for that I’m so grateful! Kiss makes you feel like an important part of their mission!
Kiss Books - Annamarie Akins


 5. What is one of your favorite ways to spice up an album order/delivery to your client?
I love adding my own packaging to albums to make it match my brand! Kiss has an awesome drop shipping option where you can send your albums straight to clients…but I always end up shipping it to myself so that I can add my own personal touch to it before sending it off to it’s new owners!
Kiss Books - Annamarie Akins

6. How you keep a layout clean and not cluttered?

I use Smart Albums!! I love having the control to quickly design an album myself and the templates they have within the program makes it so easy! I also give clients a max number of images for the amount of spreads that they have right from the beginning so I’m not trying to cram too many images into too few spreads! If they have more images that they like, I will always design my clients more spreads to help them consider if they’d like to purchase an album with more spreads!

7. How do you work with client’s on their changes and educate them on not cluttering up their design by adding too many images?
When clients book one of my collections that includes an album, it automatically includes two rounds of revisions! That they way have the opportunity to make changes and consider if they want to add more images before it goes to print! I always teach my clients that their album should tell a story…and that with too many images it can feel cluttered and get confusing to look at! I also help them by sharing a blog post for every wedding…I tell them to use it as a guide for what it looks like to tell the story of their wedding day…but then also to add in more family photos and their favorite reception dancing images which I don’t include many of in my blogs usually!
Kiss Books - Annamarie Akins
Kiss Books - Annamarie Akins
Thanks so much to Annamarie Akins for this wonderful interview!
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