Shootproof + KISS Books

We at KISS Books are so excited to announce the new ShootProof integration. As a ShootProof customer, you can simplify your client & album delivery workflow. Simply upload the images once, create & order a KISS Book (or Books), and deliver to your clients.
Watch wedding photographer Erin Youngren as she walks through her album creation workflow, and learn why she uses KISS and ShootProof together to create beautiful albums for her clients.

Learn more here. Interested in becoming a ShootProof customer? Use the code: KISS16 to get 25% off your first year.*
*Valid on yearly plans for new, first time ShootProof customers only. Offer ends 8/31/2016.



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  1. Leyna Butcher

    I am a long time ShootProof user that happened to be in the market for an album vendor. Look what I found! I can’t wait to order my first KISS book since it will be an easy workflow! However, ShootProof has a starring system and a tagging or labeling system built into it. Can I import images that are tagged or starred as designated images to have built into the album? Thanks!


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