Seeing as an Artist for Photographers

Seeing as an Artist

Here [see below] is a fresh and wonderful piece about how to enhance the aesthetic dimension of your photographic work. It deals with a topic that, for a photographer, is about as fundamental as you can get: how and what it is that you see, actually see, and how your vision translates into structured images.

Photography is not, after all, about poking a button, making use of lenses and settings, or using Lightroom. Photography is the capture of a visual image—of something that you have seen—and reproducing it so that the viewer can see the same thing—see it, experience it, the way you did.

Some highlights: Learn to see forms, lines, colors, not just things. And in seeing things, choose things that delight you, things that are startling or vibrant or lovely once you exercise the discipline to isolate them visually, or to note how they interact with their surroundings.

A. Cemal Ekin, over at Kept Light Photography, delivers a profound and nuanced yet easily accessible discourse on “seeing” as the essence of photography. He recommends some exercises to try, and features a cluster of 28 of his photos that serve to illustrate various aspects of what it is to genuinely see. He also embeds a 37:00 video by Inge Druckrey (Inge Druckrey, if you’re unaware of her, is a grand-matron in the design world who was instrumental in bringing the Swiss school of design to America.) that he pinky swears will be of immense help. Though a tad long, it is an excellent presentation, rich and vibey and perhaps even a bit groovy, full of insights both philosophical and practical.

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