Proof Boxes

The elegant way to deliver and showcase your prints.
Features a unique joint-panel construction with magnetic closure.
Perfectly matches your Linen Album.

Supports 4″x6″ or 4.5″x6″ prints.
Available in all Fine Linen, Select Linen, and Silk.


Fine Linen 

Japanese Silk

Suede Leather 

Distressed Leather 


0-400 prints

400-700 prints

700-1,600 prints

1,600-2,400 prints

Debossing Options

Cover Debossing

Add timeless debossing to the top of your Proof Box.
Upload any logo, text, or monogram.

Select from foils or clear finishes.


Inside-Cover Debossing

Add subtle branding to your boxes by debossing your logo on the underside of the lid. Order alone or pair it with top Debossing.

Select from foils or clear finishes.


USB Options

USB Tray

Add a USB tray to any Proof Box.
A silk ribbon holds your USB drive in a bow.


Standalone USB box in all of our lovely Linen and Silks.
Fits all debossing options!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase a Proof Box?

What sizes do Proof Boxes come in?

  • 1, 2, 4, & 6 compartments. Select capacity from 1-2,400 prints.

What colors do Proof Boxes come in?

  • Available in Fine Linen (+$30), Select Linen, and Silk.

What print sizes do Proof Boxes fit?

  • 4″x6″ or 4.5″x6″

Do the USB options come with a USB?

  • No, we currently do not offer the USB drive.

Do you print proofs?

  • Sorry, we are not currently printing proofs.

Can I deboss my Proof Box?

  • Yes! You can deboss the top or the underside of the lid. Sizes include: 5″x1″, 5″x2″, and 5″x4″.


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