New KISS Ordering Process: Mix & Match

New KISS Ordering Process: NOT an April Fools’ Joke!

New KISS Ordering ProcessHere at KISS U, we are most concerned with the academic affairs of a KISSer. We want to help you grow your business, refine your processes, up your game, learn. We are humble educators, and we rarely meddle in the affairs of KISS Books business. Ordering a KISS Book is not a topic on which any of you need educated. You already know how to order a book, and it’s so simple that there has literally been nothing we could add to the conversation.
However, today we find ourselves in the loop on a topic that is both academic and KISS Business related, and also happens to be something that many of our fair readers will find quite interesting. Oh, and you may want to sit down for this.
The battle cry of KISS has always been–and forever will be–Keep It Simple! KISS pioneered the process of book simplification for you, our dear KISSers, empowering you to offer a simple and beautiful solution to your clients. The KISSystem has enabled thousands of photographers just like you to deliver jillions of high quality books to zillions of satisfied customers. And at the core of the KISSystem is the concept that the simpler it is, the harder it is to mess up. If you can’t mess it up, and we can’t mess it up, your clients will receive a gorgeous, high-quality book that exceeds their expectations and is also spot-on correct. (Rinse, repeat.)New KISS Ordering Process

You have grown to love these three brilliant options: The Tuscan KISS, crafted with a distressed leather cover, matte paper on hard pages with the optional window; The Leather KISS, built with a full-grain leather cover, luster paper on hard pages sans optional window; The Linen KISS, made with a linen cover and luster paper on soft pages. These three flavors distill the broad range of book needs into three simple choices at three simple price-points. This simplification has enabled us to consistently create your books with accuracy and precision, reducing errors both in ordering and production, keeping costs down, and maintaining the high level of quality and support you have come to expect.

And yeah, you can choose the color of your cover. We’re not simple fascists, after all. We’re creatives too, we get it. But we must keep it simple.New KISS Ordering Process

However…some of you are complex beings. Perhaps you order the half-caff vanilla soy/skim latte with one pump and three packets, even when you’re not at Starbucks. You have been corralled into our three-book KISSystem for quite a while now, and your creative spirit feels stifled. We know. We know because you have been consistently asking us to let you mix & match all the options, all the time.

Perhaps you love the distressed leather cover of The Tuscan KISS, but you long for the gloss of luster paper found in The Leather KISS. Or maybe you want to invest more heavily in a distressed leather cover while cutting costs on choosing soft pages and glossy paper. 

You rebel, you.

Well rebels, you win. This is the year of the Mix & Match KISS! Before you know it, you will be ordering your KISS Books like a fancy Frappuccino®, full of as-yet-undiscovered combinations. We have refined the process, built in more quality controls, minimized the complexities, and added a host of options to the New KISS Ordering Process! We are nearly ready to let you have your KISS and mix it too. 

Because of our role here at KISS (that of humble educators), the team at KISS U is neither privy to–nor interested in–such trivial matters as timing, release dates, prices, specific options or…did we mention timing? We are most fascinated by the theoretical aspects of this Choose Your Own Adventure™ model. We ran the numbers in our lab and came up with an estimated 560 unique KISS books that can be ordered. We extrapolated from that number that adding Presentation Boxes and Slip Covers into the equation would bring that number up to 2,240. And with the answer to that pressing “to cameo window or not to cameo window?” question being a resounding YES, our resident mathematicians have determined that option would raise the grand total up to 4,480!
These are exciting days we’re living in. Have questions? Comments? Thoughts, additions or corrections to our maths? Post them in the comments below, or raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
New KISS Ordering Process




  1. brettalison

    very excited, but i would love to know when this is coming! i can make KISS my sole album provider when you do…


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