KISS Spotlight: Leeann Marie Photography

For cosmopolitan brides who call Pittsburgh home (no matter where they live now), Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers is the natural choice. With a strong focus on the enduring importance of family, Leeann and Melissa bring style, sophistication and a genuine interest in the family story of the couples they photograph to every wedding.


As part of our new spotlight series on KISS Ambassadors, we sat down with Leeann to have her share with us how albums fit into her busy photography business.


Often in the industry, we hear about “shooting for the album”. Leeann told us that she definitely goes into a shoot thinking of the album design, because she knows every one of her clients will get one:

“In order to make it a complete story, I cover up to 9 hours on a wedding day, from getting ready all the way through the ceremony, portraits, receptions events and into dancing. I have an idea of how each of my albums flow.” To fully round out the album story, Leeann says “I know to get wide angle photos of venues, small details to compliment a story, and which action photos are key to the wedding day album.”


Her most popular album is the KISS Books leather 10×10, with a cover photo (cameo window) and text. She offers KISS Books in both linen and leather in sizes 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12.

Leeann acknowledges that a big obstacle to album sales can be how you present them:

“At first, my packages did not include an album. Selling them a la carte is difficult, and often clients are looking for digital images thinking that’s enough. I don’t believe that it is – albums are a key wedding day heirloom and so I had to rethink my sales process.” These days, every one of her packages includes an album credit, so her couples know that they will get an album when the wedding is over. They choose their size and style after the wedding day is over and they’ve seen their design.


To successfully include albums in your packages, Leeann says the key is being smart about how you present your images and pricing:

“Include album credit! I offer a limited discount for the selection of a larger album within 3 days of the album design release. Most of my clients take advantage of this, so they are selecting larger books – the ones I truly would love for them to have! My clients are thrilled with their albums, and now they come to me knowing it’s something they’ll have when we work together.”


Thank you Leeann for sharing your album advice with us! You can find Leeann on her website and Facebook page. And to learn more about offering KISS Books to your clients, click here.

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