Garry Winogrand on Photography, Rice University, ’77

Garry Winogrand on Photography – telling it like it is.

“How do you make a photograph that’s more beautiful than what was photographed?”
– Garry Winogrand

Garry Winogrand on Photography
Garry Winogrand on photography has got to be one of the most fascinating looks into the timeless traditions of photography, what it was and what it has become. Winogrand was one of the leading chroniclers of American life during the decades following the Second World War.  His photos capture strong glimpses of both the euphoria and the agitation of that seminal time in our history.

Winogrand had the opportunity in 1977 to give a seminar to students at Texas’s Rice University, at the invitation of professor and photographer Geoff Winningham.  Winogrand fielded questions from the audience for over two hours, some of which can be seen in this [video clip], produced by the National Gallery of Art in cooperation with Garry Winogrand, an exhibition organized by the National Gallery, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Winogrand lays out a freewheeling, anecdotal body of advice for his young audience—the old photographer, brusque, jovial, avuncular, passing the baton to the next generation.
Garry Winogrand on Photography

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