Friends Don’t Let Friends Selfie Stick

You are a professional photographer. There is a 51% chance that photography is not your full time gig, and there is a 98% chance that you would like to earn more this year. Did you know the Selfie Stick is actually an inverse advertisement, identifying your next target market? That’s right – the most ridiculous thing on the market today is actually a plea for help, a white flag of surrender, begging for a photographer to come along and offer her services.

If you see a selfie stick in action in the wild, consider it a silent cry for attention – attention from you, photographer. But what if the selfie stick-ist is not a stranger, but a friend, acquaintance or friend? It’s 2015, do you know where your friends are? Do you they have a selfie stick? Are they hiding their selfie stick use, but when you see their photos, you suspect they have been using? It’s time for an intervention. It’s time for a photographer to be a friend, and time for a friend to be a photographer.

selfie stick selfie stick selfie stick


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