Facebook Marketing for the Pro Photographer

Tips on Facebook Marketing for the Pro Photographer

It’s no use turning your nose up at it: Facebook advertising is not only a viable marketing strategy, it’s kind of silly not to take advantage of it. Facebook offers a range of free, or (at worst) inexpensive, ops for getting in touch with the people who are about to be your clients. [Here]’s what PictureCorrect says that might look like for you.

Facebook Marketing for the Pro PhotographerOnce your Facebook page has accumulated a sufficient number of followers, you may be tempted to spam them. David Drum lays a finger aside of his nose, and whispers “Don’t.” One or two useful messages per month will probably be fine; more than that will send your followers running for the exits.

Facebook pages allow you to put up photos. Just think about that for a minute. PHOTOS.

Facebook pages allow you to put up videos. Take another minute, why dontcha, to think about THAT. Putting together a neat little video depicting what a typical photo session with you might look like, and posting it for FREE on your Facebook page—fellas, we can’t make this stuff up.Facebook Marketing for the Pro Photographer

Facebook allows you to put together an “About” section, and it’s remarkable how many people do not take full advantage of this. Listen carefully: search engines LOVE the “About” sections on Facebook pages. Just think about that for a minute.

Your Facebook page enables you to put up a “profile” photo and a “cover” photo. For FREE. (Take a minute to think about that.) You really want to take full advantage of this. Use your logo as your profile photo, and embed it in a cool shot of you in action as the cover photo. You just gained 117 clients.Facebook Marketing for the Pro Photographer

Keep your content updated. (Don’t take a moment to think about that; just do it.) It would be foolish to have access to a free marketing resource that a third of the life forms in the galaxy are tapped into, and then let your content go stale. No! Let your followers see that you’re shooting exciting new projects all the time.

http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/tips-for-marketing-a-photography-business-on-facebook/Finally, take advantage of Facebook’s ads. They’re reasonably priced and targeted to the people who have demonstrated an interest in photography. (Take a minute…) And Facebook advertising can easily be accommodated to your modest advertising budget.

In short, you’re a ninny if you neglect the obvious, convenient and universally accessible opportunity of marketing your photography on Facebook. And, as much as we hate referring to our readers as “ninnies,” well, sorry—we can’t help but agree.

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