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So, you’re ready to learn how to start selling albums (even if you’re just telling yourself you should be, you’re here and that’s all that matters). Is it too early to celebrate?

We believe the first, and hardest part, about anything new is starting. So, we think you should take a quick pause to grab a glass, make a silent (or honestly… say it out loud) toast to yourself, because this is the first step towards selling albums… and making an extra $30 grand a year doing it.
We’ve put together a free guide on the 3 most popular techniques in album sales.

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Free album sales download for photographers
Click to download the guide! How To Become an Expert at Album Sales

First, we’ll walk you through Pre-design & Upsell.
Then, you’ll learn about Meet & Greet Sales with Luke & Cat.
Lastly, you’ll learn about Simple Album Packages with The Youngrens.

Let us know if you’re just starting out on your album sales journey in the comments below!




  1. hindel leiter

    I would love to know what tips and advice you have for putting together album packages and tips for selling albums to clients.

    • Morgan Rager

      Hi there! We’d love to help! We’ll reach out to you via email with some tips on how to get started.


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