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Linen Boxes Presentation Boxes Engraving Options

Walnut Box

Craftsman Box

Linen Box

Presentation Box

Engraving Options

Simple Engraving

Personalize your Wood, Linen and Presentation Boxes with your client’s names engraved on the top of the lid. Select from our 12 fonts and compose your text.

Custom Engraving

Customize Wood and Linen Boxes with your client's unique font or monogram graphic engraved on the top of the box. This option works for your studio logo as well!

Linen Box Debossing Options

Custom Debossing

Imprint your Linen Box with your custom font or graphic on the top of the box. Select from 5"x1", 5"x2", or 5"x4" debossing. Apply rose gold, silver, or gold foil or finish without a color by selecting clear finish.

Boutique Packaging

Make your album delivery extra special!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my album ship inside the box I order?

Yes! If you order them together the album will ship inside the box.

Do you offer duplicate discounts on boxes?

Yes, if you order the box with the album at checkout you will receive the 15%/20% discount on the box as well. Standalone boxes are excluded from duplicate discount offers.

Can I order two types of engraving or debossing?

You can order Simple and Logo Under Lid engraving/debossing or Custom and Logo Under Lid engraving/debossing together.

Can I select Linen Box ribbon color?

Sorry, but the ribbon color cannot be changed. But don’t worry, we hand select each ribbon to pair with your box beautifully.

Can I purchase boxes without albums?

Yes! You’ll find a button in your Dashboard to purchase standalone boxes. Select your material, size, and checkout. Please note that you cannot add any personalization option to standalone boxes at this time.

How will my order be wrapped if I order Boutique Packaging and a box?

If you order a Maple or Walnut box and Boutique Packaging, your album will be wrapped and then placed inside the wood box. If you order a Linen or Presentation box and Boutique Packaging, your album will be placed inside the Linen or Presentation box and that box will be wrapped in gift wrap.

Do you actually handwrite every Thank-You Card?

Yes, every single Boutique Packaging Thank-You Card is handwritten by our crew. They look personal and beautiful!

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 15 business days. All contents will ship together. We will always ship as soon as we can!


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