How to send Client Questionnaires as a Photographer

Client Questionnaires – More Than Just Contact Information

What sort of questions do you ask your clients? A client questionnaire is one of the most important tools you can have at the ready for your business, and a good one can strengthen the relationship you have with your clients through every step of the process, from your planning through to their ordering sessions.

For many photographers, the basics seem obvious: You will need to collect your couple’s contact information, wedding day details, and timeline. But just a few extra questions can create  a document which you can use in your sales process, for your blog posts, and more.


Tell Me a Little About Yourselves

Asking your clients about their hobbies, passions, secret nicknames for each other or why they have chosen specific locations, vendors, or colours for their wedding day will give you ideas about how to plan engagement sessions, easy banter to break up potential tension on their wedding day and also stories you can tell in your blog posts when you feature their photos on your blog. It’s best not to leave this question too open ended, as most people find it overwhelming, so asking more direct questions, like “What is your favourite thing about your bride?” or “When you met, what was your first thought?” will inspire your clients to share more specific anecdotes.

How  Do You Like Your Memories

Get your clients thinking about where they will display the products they eventually buy from you by asking them how and where in their home they like to, or hope to, display photos and other memories from their lives together. A client who prefers to keep a stack of family albums on the coffee table might not be interested in purchasing a large canvas, and their answers to this question will help you to determine how to guide their sales session later.

Let Them Know You Love a Good Referral

Include a space on your form to provide referrals to friends they know would love working with you as much as they did. Make sure you follow up!

Make It Easy

Offer to help with answering the questionnaire over the phone. For some people, a multiple page questionnaire, even about a topic as exciting to them as their wedding, is hard to make time for. A quick chat with you can be the perfect way to avoid having to chase down a questionnaire that isn’t high on your couple’s list of priorities.

Feel free to Outsource the Creation

If creating your own questionnaire seems like a task you’d much rather outsource, you can check out these great resources for ideas, pre-made forms and templates:

Pencil & Lens – Templates for your Photography Business
Design Aglow – Essential Wedding Information Form

Blog from Photography Concentrate – The Secret to Effective Client Questionnaires

Do you have other resources to help you with your client questionnaires? Feel free to reach out we would love to learn from you!



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  1. Bijoy Ahmed

    Photography questionnaires are most important for both of client and photographer. This questionnaire helps to know the process of how client wanted to complete this work. Here I will added some questionnaire for you-
    1. Which areas of your home are you hoping to decorate with your images?
    2. Are there any shots, or sessions, that you’ve seen of ours that really stand out to you?
    I think this helps photographer to capture most valuable photos. The truth about most of the Photographer needs Image manipulation service for their capturing photos.


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