Canon 7D Mark II Review

The Canon 7D Mark II Review for Wedding Photographers

SLR Lounge has done an incredible job of not just reviewing the updated Canon 7D Mark II, but breaking the review into three very different reviews, tailored for a few different shooting styles. They have also reviewed it for the action sports/telephoto wildlife photographer, and the landscape or astro-landscape photographer. So, as you can imagine, this third review for the wedding shooter is very thorough.


Canon 7D Mark II Review

They hit the pros: Image quality, build quality, focus quality, focus point-spread, wide-angle lens options, the meager weigh-in and the price.


And they hit the cons: limited high ISO flexibility, fewer options for super-shallow DOF, and the simple fact that it’s a crop-sensor camera (not full-frame).


We should probably leave the conclusion up to them, but we’re going to steal just a bit of their thunder here and just tell you. If you have plenty of money, buy a full-frame camera. Any one will do. If you don’t, maybe buy this nice crop-sensor camera and hope nobody teases you on the playground. Read the full review [here]. Also, in case the NINE links they provided aren’t enough, [here it is at B&H].




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