Best Products for Wedding Photographers to Sell

As any photographer who’s attended a photography conference like WPPI knows: the list of products you can offer beyond the standard album choices is seemingly endless. There are dozens upon dozens of things you can add to your product list, and it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to offer your clients, and how to include them in your packages.


While we think that all packages should include at least one album choice, the key to deciding which other products you want to include in your wedding packages, and which you will leave out, is knowing your ideal client. If your perfect client is an avid art collector, they might not be interested in dedicating wall space to a canvas. If they’re modern and minimal, they won’t want a print framed in whitewashed barn wood. If you live in a tourist destination and shoot destination weddings, you also need to take into consideration shipping finished products to your bride once she’s gone home.

To incorporate products into your packages, remember that they should not just be there for filler—if you include a bunch of items no one wants in your packages, you’ll spend all your time dealing with requests to remove, substitute, or change the products from clients. Build your packages so that each one is a gradual step up from the one below it, with products that add so much value they can’t resist upgrading just one more level. Also, ensure that you show a sample of your products during your initial consultation and a preview of what they will look like with the actual image after the event. Brides often don’t realize they want a specific item until they see one that takes their breath away.

Here are a few ideas for products that may appeal to your audience:

USB Drives

Discs of digital images are no longer useful to anyone with a newer MacBook—they don’t have DVD drives at all. Plus, discs don’t store well, because, over time, they degrade. USBs are a perfect way to deliver images to your wedding couples, and they are one of the most customizable, varied products you’ll find. From hand-etched wooden thumb drives to Swarovski crystal studded sticks, you’ll be able to find a USB drive that reflects your brand completely.

Canvases & Wall Art

Canvases are an updated version of the classic framed and matted print your parents have in their foyer—a clean, modern way to get an image on the wall—and the bigger, the better. Framed and matted fine art prints are still a popular choice, especially for traditional or nostalgic brides.

Thank You Cards & Prints

Templates will make designing your thank you cards easy, so choose 3-4 designs you love and only offer those. Some brides will want prints instead, to tuck inside a thank you card that matches their wedding stationery. Offering a specific bundle of one image in a greeting card-friendly size is a low-cost way to make a good impact on ultra-organized brides who just want to be sure they get their thank you cards into the mail on time.

Guest Books & Matted Signing Prints

Put your couple’s engagement session photos to good use, and showcase images with a guest signing book or a matted print that the couple can hang on the wall.

These are just a few of the myriad of options available to professional photographers to customize for their clients. And, of course, if you need help choosing the perfect album for your target client, learn more about KISS Books here.

Image © Brandon Kidd Photography featuring KISS books. 



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