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Whatever quality the products are that you offer, reflect back on the quality of your business. Because we position ourselves as the best of the best, that means our albums must also be the best of the best. Kiss gives us that consistency.


“Kiss understands the immense value of surprise and delight. Before our couples even open their albums they are glowing. The presentation of the gift wrapping and the quality of the boxes becomes its own bonus product in itself.”

– Ben Hartley

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not hours

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We asked Ben Hartley to assemble a list of her favorite colors, options, and offerings.

Favorite Cover Color

Favorite Cover Color

Something Blue

If it were up to me, every album would be this grey linen! I just love it and it goes with everything. Sailboat Linen is a close second.

Favorite Paper Type

Favorite Paper Type


This paper is what I use on every single one of my albums. Accurate color that never fades- what more can you ask for?!

Favorite Cover Material

Favorite Cover Material


Pebble might be my favorite, but all of the linen colors are amazing! There’s something about the natural texture I can’t get enough of.

Favorite Client Option

Favorite Client Option

Gift Wrap / Gift Boxing

Debossing is the timeless way to personalize album covers. I love using custom fonts that fit my client’s personality.

from our founder

We are relentless in our pursuit of simple and have become a company encouraging others to live intentionally. At Kiss Books, we treasure community and authentic relationships. We offer a simple way to create albums, but hope you’ll join us in our movement to pursue simple.

Shaun Gordon
Kiss CEO & Founder


Relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of
simple. #pursuesimple