Adding Press Printed Books to Your Client Offerings

A New Way to Ensure Every Client Has an Album Experience

Here at Kiss, we know photographers are always looking for ways to add value and outstanding experiences to the people they serve. We want photographers like you to feel confident and excited about selling artwork to your clients. Developing new products like our new Press Printed Books is just one way our company is working toward innovative services while keeping our process simple and easy to implement into your workflow. 


Introducing Press Printed Books

We launched this new product last year after months of development. Press Printed Books were born out of our desire to expand our product line with an entry-level product with the same wow factor as our signature Heirloom Albums. To do this, we made sure our standards of production would remain consistent while producing a product you would be excited to add to your studio’s product line. As a result, you can feel confident knowing the handcrafted quality you already love is present in our new Press Printed Book and backed by our lifetime warranty. 



Sharing Press Printed Books with Your Clients 

Communicating the differences between our Heirloom Albums and our Press Printed Books is essential for selling more print products to your customers. How spreads are printed is the primary difference between the two is how spreads are printed. Our Heirloom albums use a process of developing the image into the paper using silver halide – just like you’d find in a dark room! Our Press Printed books are just that – printed. Images are created on the page using millions of dots of ink on top of the paper. Up close, you can see the differences, but your customer’s overall viewing experience is still a quality product.

What’s the difference between Heirloom Albums and Press Printed Books?

So how should you use these different offerings? Heirloom albums are for those memories that should live on forever. We recommend Heirloom albums for weddings, newborn sessions, and any family story worthy of retelling for generations to come. Press Printed Books are ideal for everyday moments. They are an excellent addition to your portrait sessions, baby milestones, engagement, or wedding guest sign-in books. Because they are handmade with fine art quality materials, Press Printed Books are perfect for frequent use. 



There are some limitations, as one would expect with an entry-level product line. Cover options are only available in select linen colors, and page thickness is limited to our thin pages. We make our thin pages by adhering two spreads back to back, giving them a sturdy yet luxurious weight and feel. Customizing your Press Printed Book is easy using our variety of engraving fonts and size, allowing you to add text to anywhere you like on the cover.  Further customization is available with a cameo opening to showcase your client’s favorite photo on the cover. Plus, you can add cameos to any size Press Printed Book, even 4×4 sized books! Like the Heirloom Albums, Press Printed Books have our signature layflat pages, so you never have to worry about the integrity of your image presentation when it extends across the center of the book. 

Quality You Can Feel Good About 

Creating an accessible luxury product meant creating a product that aligned with our company values. Simply put, we refused to compromise on providing photographers with a simple process, a quality product, and reliable turnaround times. The result is a product that you can feel confident in offering to your clients. 

Our free album designer is always available to every community member, even for Press Printed Books! However, if you don’t have the time to use our builder to create your album layout, try out our in-house design service! For only $49, we’ll take care of crafting a story and even handle communication with your client if they need any changes to the design! 

Quality takes time, so our 15 business day turnaround remains consistent as the Press Printed Books are handmade and ethically sourced. Keep in mind, if you do find yourself up against a deadline, we do have an upgraded turnaround time of 7 days available for an additional fee. We promise that little extra time is worth the wait! 


Pricing Your Press Printed Albums

Adding a new product can feel overwhelming as you figure out how to price for profitability and value. We have some great conversations happening in the Kiss community about how to price your albums and press printed books. If you haven’t joined our group on Facebook, we’d like to invite you to join the community! Here at Kiss, we love supporting photographers with deep conversations and educational content that will help further your business. It’s a great place to get answers to other questions and connect with industry leaders who are always happy to chime in with their support.


Adding Press Printed Books to Your Offerings

We asked Tina Kraemer with Pure in Art Photography how she uses Kiss Albums and Press Printed Books to serve her clients, and this is what she had to say! 

“If my clients don’t have something real, something tangible after our time together, I believe that is a disservice to them. So my mindset changed from seeing albums as just something to sell to providing my clients with something that breathes life into their home, a reminder of why they chose to say I do in the first place. Having Press Printed Books has allowed me to serve my clients with a quality product for their memories from smaller sessions such as engagements while still providing them with a beautiful Heirloom album for their wedding! One of my favorite offerings is to design the book to use as a guest book for my wedding clients! It’s a popular add-on chosen by most of my couples!

From portrait sessions to smaller elopements and weddings, using Press Printed Books allows me to provide each client with an album experience regardless of their budget.”

Still have questions about our Press Printed Books? We look forward to answering any questions you have about any of the products we offer! 




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