75 Questions for Your Wedding Questionnaire

Wait a minute, this Wedding Questionnaire is for a Videographer! Calm down, you’ve only just read the title to this piece, and already you’re raising objections.

But don’t miss the point. Take a moment to look over [this list] of 75 questions, designed to facilitate the relationship between a wedding videographer and the happy couple. It will soon occur to you, as it did to us, that this is almost identical to your list, or at least the list you want to have assembled for your own clients.

wedding video questionnaireJoseph Cartwright, God bless him, has assembled a marvelous tool for enhancing communication between wedding videographers–or photographers–and their clients. Any wedding shooter who shoots his clients this questionnaire about a month out from the blessed event will be able to assemble a very helpful road map by which to navigate the events and photo ops in and around the wedding.

Cartwright has structured his list of questions by theme: (1) Bride, (2) Groom, (3) First Look, (4) Ceremony, (5) Photo Session, and (6) Reception. He recommends that you not hit the fresh-faced young couple with the whole questionnaire at once, so as to give them a bit of breathing space while answering the questions. Here are some of the questions listed under “Bride”—

  • Where are you having your make-up and hair done? (Full address please)
  • What location are you getting your wedding dress put on? (If different location, please list full address)
  • At what time do your stylists arrive?
  • What are your stylists name(s) or business name?
  • About how many people will be at the your location? (Wedding Party and Family)
  • What time will start getting into your dress?
  • What time will you leave for the next location?
  • What are the your parent’s names?
  • Are you and the Groom exchanging gifts the morning of the wedding?
  • If so please explain the logistics?

Each section of this wedding questionnaire is stocked with equally helpful queries. This baby should set you up with all the information you might conceivably need in order to put together a shooting itinerary that will come off without a hitch—except, of course, for the fact that the bride and groom are getting hitched. But that’s a different sort of hitch.

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